Balance, Ideas, Action


This campaign is happening because of a few people who have offered me so much help recently, and a lot of people who have offered me so much love for a very long time.

Campaign Guidance

Election Guru, Tee May Duggan, who, within a single phone call, was able to douse me with a barrel of election reality, while inspiring me to try even harder.

Activist, and Former Truckee Mayor, Kathleen Eagan, who challenged my mind to better understand what matters, and then left me feeling more confident that we’re headed in the right direction.

Airport Board Director, Mary Hetherington, who saw the benefit to having another pilot on the Board, but wanted to make sure it was the right pilot. Mary’s intentions are for the greater good of our entire region. This is why I’m proud to call her my friend.

Community Activist, Paco Lindsey, who is always willing to sit with me and explain to this newbie what to expect, how to get things rolling, and how to keep things rolling.

Airport Board Director, Rick Stephens, who, despite running for the same seat, wanted to help my campaign. His words of wisdom humble and inspire me. “I look forward to serving with you,” he said at the end of our meeting.


Branding and Website

Michael McHugh is one of the most reliable, creative and constantly awesome designers (and friends) I’ve known. We first worked together in 1993, and I couldn’t imagine trying to build a brand or launch a website today without his advice and talent. We built this site and campaign brand together, just the two of us. Lots of laughs and lots of me asking, “Could just tweak this one more thing?” 


Love and Support

My long-time friends remind me why being alive is such a good thing. With most of my biological family long gone, here now is my family:

Adele McGee, Allen Berta, Amanda Olivas, Andrea Berger, Andy McCluskey, Austin Barton, Ben Ferrer, Bobbie Gale, Brandon Shultz, Brian Homberger, Brian Winter, Caleb Raux, Carlton Bost, Casey Curtis, Cassandra Grossman, Chad Schmucker, Charlie Bowers, Chris Ruiz-Velasco, Christopher Milne, Christopher Olivas, Cody Campbell, Craig Thompson, Dan Hovanec, Danielle Grossman, Daryl Bryant, Dave Collins, Dave Schultz, Dian Katz, Ed Francis, Eric Andraos, Ernie Grossman, Gary Grossman, Glenda Morgan, Grant Mauritzson, Greg Norris, Gus Sinibaldi, Heather Harris, Hector Medina, Jason Berger, Jennifer Neumann, Jill Goodman, Joe McClaskey, John Crawford, John Horodyski, Jorge Martins Luis Filho, Josh Evans, Joyce Barton, Keith Schindler, Keith Van Arsdale, Kevin Hamel, Larrisa Ann, Laurel Lippert, Lemuel Hayes, Lisa Jenkins, Lisa Johnson, Lynn Shipley Sokolow, Marcus Stevens, Margret Lewicki, Mark Goodman, Mark Poncher, Matt Grigoryan, Matt Ried Cohn, Meg Jones, Michael McHugh, Micki Jones, Mike Genoshe, Mike Hrenko, Nina Blackwood, Olivia Schütt, Paloma Esteves, Patty Ferrer, Paul Spear, Perry Watts-Russell, Pete Harris, Randy Kendrick, Ric Olsen, Richard Blade, Richard Hawkins, Rob Brill, Rob Jackson, Rob Munger, Robert Grossman, Roger O’Donnell, Sam Ferrer, Sam Stewart, Satja Linak, Stephane Parent, Stephanie Harris, Steve Ingebretson, Stuart Fabel, Stuart Kershaw, Terri Nunn, Tom Lippert, Tony Lillios, Trigby Perea, Vic Ferrer, Wade Tibke, Wayne McClellan, Wesley Wilkerson, Will Shover, and my love and superhero, Kyle Hoefke.