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David Diamond is a volunteer animal rescue pilot, co-founder of the band Berlin (Take My Breath Away / Top Gun), retired international marketing executive, Airport Community Advisory Team (ACAT) Chair, and full-time Truckee resident. He offers the balanced perspectives, creative ideas and history of action that will help make the Truckee Tahoe Airport a better asset and partner for all of Tahoe and Truckee.

On August 13, David’s full website will be launched. It will provide details about his positions, ideas for the airport and community, and voting/project record while serving on the Airport Community Advisory Team. Until then, please use the forms provided here to endorse and support David’s candidacy.

Photo by Tom Lippert. (Thank you, Tom!)

Flying Animal Rescues

As a volunteer pilot for Pilots N Paws and other organizations, I’ve been able to help in the rescue and transport of some amazing animals. There’s no better use for my airplane (or my time), as far as I’m concerned.

Playing with Berlin

Berlin recorded our first album when I was 17 years old. Though Take My Breath Away from Top Gun was the band’s biggest hit, OG fans will remember Riding on the Metro, No More Words, Sex (I’m a) and a few others. 

The three original members of Berlin, Terri Nunn, John Crawford and me, still record and play today. 

Living Local

I’ve found it easy to make friends in Tahoe and Truckee. Dreamtown CrossFit has enabled me to meet some inspiring people, and even connected me to Achieve Tahoe for a volunteer weekend I’ll never forget. Through flying, I’ve been adopted by a wonderful family, made lots of airport pals, and lots of canine pals, too. I feel fortunate to be here. 


Much thanks to the following folks for their support.

“David is a superb choice for Airport Board. He has an exceptional talent for proposing new ideas to solve old problems. He combines his pilot’s knowledge with his demonstrated dedication to finding ways to improve the airport’s response to community needs throughout Tahoe and Truckee. Check out his website–you’ll see what I mean.”
Kathleen Eagan

Former Truckee Mayor, Community Advocate

“I have no doubt that David will be a great asset to the Airport Board. He has clearly demonstrated his ability and commitment through his service on the Airport Community Advisory Team, and his selflessness as a Pilots N Paws volunteer.”

Ernie Grossman

Truckee Lawyer, Community Advocate

“David Diamond is one of the finest, genuine people I have ever met. I have known him for decades, initially from being an original and highly respected member of Berlin. He is an intelligent, intuitive, trustworthy and creative soul. He’s also a bit of a superhero, saving lives and helping to facilitate new homes and much deserved love for these often abused or neglected animals.”

Nina Blackwood

Original MTV VJ, SiriusXM Host, Animal and Environmental Activist

“David was a creative, positive and enthusiastic volunteer with Achieve Tahoe. I look forward to working with him on future projects once he is serving on the Airport Board.”

Haakon Lang-Ree

Executive Director, Achieve Tahoe

“David will be a great addition to the Airport Board. As a member of the community, and a pilot, David has the perspectives and understanding to make the Airport an even better fit with the community. With his experience as a pilot, and serving as Chair on the Airport Community Advisory Team, he thoroughly understands the aviation needs of the airport.”

Paco Lindsey

Founder, Paco's Bike and Ski, Town Advocate

“David has something that can be appreciated deeply by everyone that works with him–a deep integrity. He cares about causes, such as helping animals in need through donation of his time, energy and piloting skills; and the creativity he shows as a successful musician and marketing leader are essential assets to any endeavor. Truckee Tahoe Airport would benefit greatly from David’s aviation experience, passion, creativity and energy. David is not normal; he’s extraordinary.”

Barry Knutila

CEO, King Schools Pilot Training

Current Endorsers (updated weekly)

Kathleen Eagan (Truckee’s First Mayor, Former Truckee Tahoe Airport Director), Lisa Wallace (Director, Truckee Tahoe Airport District), Mary Hetherington (Director, Truckee Tahoe Airport District), Rick Stephens (Director, Truckee Tahoe Airport District), Ernie Grossman (Attorney, Truckee Tahoe Community Advocate), Theresa May Duggan (Political Activist, Tahoe Region), Paco Lindsey (Founder, Paco’s Bike and Ski, Town Advocate), Haakon Lang-Ree (Executive Director, Achieve Tahoe), Stefanie Olivieri (Merchant, Cabona’s, Truckee), Kevin Sloane (Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor, FlyTruckeeTahoe.com), Kevin Quinn (Truckee Pilot, CFI, High Sierra Fly-in Founder), Kathryn Rolf (Member, ACAT, Truckee), Joe Lorenz (Former ACAT Member, Truckee), Bill Grava (Corporate Pilot, Former Truckee Tower Controller), Steve Ingebretson (Pilot, Truckee Tower Controller), Sean O’Toole (Truckee Resident, Founder and CEO, PropertyRadar), Robert Grossman (Truckee Pilot, Property Manager), Tom Lippert (Photographer, Truckee), Laurel Lippert (Author/Pilot, Truckee), Margaret Lewicki (Attorney, Truckee), Andrew Boehm (Owner, Andrew Boehm Construction, Truckee), Ed Ryan (Owner, Ryan Construction Services, Truckee), Jessica Norris Barton (Owner, Dreamtown CrossFit, Truckee), Jason Berger (Owner, Dreamtown CrossFit, Truckee), Matt Hillock (Commander, American Legion Post 439, Truckee), Andrea Berger (Surgical Nurse, Tahoe Forest Hospital, Truckee), Dan Martin (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Tahoe Oral Surgery and Implant Center, Truckee), Crystal Boutelle (Music Teacher, Truckee), Suzanne Ruegg (Head Mini Mite Coach, Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy, Truckee), Ben Martin (Director, Tahoe Truckee School of Music), Steve Lucia (Building/Facilities/Engineering Manager, Vail Resorts, Truckee), Glenda Morgan-Granucci (Owner, Blue Coyote Bar & Grill, Truckee), Sonja Hodges Martin (Physical Education Teacher, Sierra Expeditionary Learning School, Truckee), Anton Standteiner (Owner, Mountain Forge, Inc., Truckee), Adele McGee (Retired), Barry Knuttila (CEO, King Schools Pilot Training), Amalia Niewendorp (School Teacher, King’s Beach), Brad Straw (Truckee Resident, CMT Certified Massage Therapist), Patrick Breen (FoodJets, Truckee), Jim Bennett (Teacher/Coach, Truckee High School), George Chapralis (Resident, Tahoe Vista), Brian Caron (Self-employed, Truckee Resident), Casey Curtis (Truckee Resident, School Teacher), Animal Rescue Relay (Animal Rescue, Carson City, NV), April Gafford (Corporate Pilot, CFI, Owner, JATO Aviation), Austin Barton (Medical Student), Boise Bully Breed Rescue (Animal Rescue, Boise, ID), Brian Homberger (Ranger, Tahoe National Forest), Heidi Foehr (Truckee Resident), Rich Mangum (Professional Videographer, Truckee), Cassandra Grossman (Entrepreneur ), Craig Thompson (Executive Assistant, Commission Junction), Dawn Smith Spillman (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Truckee), Elizabeth Early (Transport Coordinator, Boise Dog Rescue), Eric Andraos (Creative Director, Pixar), Erich Mayr (Pilots N Paws Volunteer Pilot), Grant Mauritzson (Pilot, United Airlines), Pete Harris (Truckee Pilot, American Airlines Captain), Kelley Altick (CPA at McClintock Accountancy, Truckee), Heidi Neilson (Founder, Animal Rescue Relay), Jeff Gardner (CFO, Sierra Mountain Management, Truckee), Heather Harris (Professor of Medicine, UCSF), Keith Van Arsdale (CEO, BMC Capital), Stephanie Harris (Designer/Owner, idee, LLC.), Kelly Pettit-Lopez (Transport Coordinator, Animal Rescue Relay), Kevin McDonald (Pilots N Paws Volunteer Pilot, Tower Controller, Boise Airport), Lance Martin (Inspector, San Francisco Fire Department), Lynn Staab (Animal Rescue Coordinator), Mark Poncher (COO, Empire Entertainment, Inc.), Michael McHugh (Designer), Pamela Garron Olson (Business leader for Flight Schools and Universities, King Schools), Wayne McClellan (Pilots N Paws Volunteer Pilot), Jill Goodman (Senior Instructor, Uptown Pilates), Paul Hoban (Glenshire Resident), Sandy Munns (Pilots N Paws Volunteer Pilot, V.P. Reno-Tahoe Aviation Group), Stacy Michelle Colbert Breen (Shadows of Africa, Truckee), Todd Spillman (Owner, Tahoe Heating), Vic Ferrer (Owner, The Producer’s Loft), Kyle Hoefke (Staff Sergeant, US Army), Nina Blackwood (Original MTV VJ, SiriusXM Host, Animal and Environmental Activist), Terri Nunn (Singer, Berlin Band), John Crawford (Founder, Berlin Band)

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