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About David 

David Diamond

I bought my home in Prosser Lakeview Estates in 2014. I have been a full-time Truckee resident ever since.

After leading international marketing and education teams in the field of Digital Asset Management for two decades, I retired in 2017. After that, I went back to playing music with my old band, Berlin.

I have been a private pilot since 2000. I have a Cessna 182 hangared at the Truckee airport. Most of my flight hours are spent flying animal rescue missions for Pilots N Paws and other rescue organizations.

I’m a big believer in our noise-abatement policies, which my flight track record shows.

I have served on our Airport Community Advisory Team (ACAT) since April, 2018. In 2019, my fellow ACAT members elected me Chair. My project and voting record on ACAT is available on this site.

I have authored three books. The first was about my flight training, and the other two cover digital asset management and content management.

As you might guess from my volunteer work with animal rescue organizations, I’m an animal guy. Flying is great, but flying to save a critter from a kill shelter, or take her to a good home, is my favorite part about being a pilot.

Flying Animal Rescue Missions

As a volunteer pilot for Pilots N Paws and other organizations, I’ve been able to help in the rescue and transport of some amazing animals. There’s no better use for my airplane (or my time), as far as I’m concerned.

WANT TO HELP?: You can help, even if you’re not a pilot. Search “animal rescue transport” and you’ll find local organizations that coordinate ground-based trips and often need overnight fosters.

Playing With Berlin

If you know Berlin for more than Top Gun’s Take My Breath Away, you’re a real OG fan! No More Words, Riding on the Metro, Masquerade and Sex (I’m A), were our early hits. I was one of the band’s three founders. It was a great way to spend my late teen years. (And it’s pretty fun now, too!)

Yes, it takes years to learn these facial expressions. And, no, the shirt wasn’t stolen from the Ice Capades. (I wish people would stop asking that.)

The best thing about playing larger festivals are the bomb-sniffing dogs! Balton was cute as heck, but he was all business—always on the watch. I felt safe! 

The last time we played in Sacramento, it was so hot that, during this moment of poser drama, I was actually whispering to Terri, “please kill me.”

The only reason I do back-bends during our shows is so that all those young punks in the audience know that 56 is only just getting started.

Our first new record together since 1985. All of my parts were recorded at my home in Truckee. The funniest part was the three of us getting used to things now: “What is this we’re making? Are they still called records?”

Representin’ Truckee! I’m always a bit of a Tahoe-Truckee promoter, when at shows with the band. For the guitar players, that’s a red HIWATT stack behind me. Best sounding amps ever! (But I have an endorsement with Orange Amps, so shh!)

Berlin founder, John Crawford, is like a brother to me. Here we are before a show in Jamaica, screaming at what was probably a (very) small spider. If you like my cool shirt, Google “Fly Truckee Tahoe” and order your own from Kevin Sloane!

Berlin and Blondie are a pretty popular lineup, so we were going to do more shows this year, until the human malware struck. The first time I met Debbie Harry, she said, “It’s really a wonder we haven’t met before!” She was very kind.

Okay, here’s the truth: While my coaches and pals at Truckee’s Dreamtown CrossFit have certainly helped, these guitars are kind of heavy. If I push them out forward while I’m leaning back, it’s actually just a balance thing. (Don’t tell anyone!)

Local Fun

I find the people in the Tahoe region to be very kind. When I first moved here, someone told me, “It’s not easy to live here, so you’ll find the folks who are here really want to be here.” I think that explains it. 

I do all my recording here in Truckee. The days of needing a big recording studio are long gone. (These kids today have no idea how easy they have it!) I still travel for shows, but live shows are off the table for now, until we know the audience will be safe.

Jason Berger asked me to volunteer for an Achieve Tahoe trip to take a group of clients deep into the Rubicon on rock crawlers. My job: Entertaining. Singing solo for a small group of folks was the scariest thing I’ve ever done! But what a great trip and organization.

In addition to flying rescues, I foster pooches at home when a trip can’t be completed in a day. The sad look here on the mother’s face makes it seem like she knew her pups were sick. I got word that they died of Parvo a few days after their transport was complete. I named them Blackie and Brownie.

Berlin’s John and Terri came up to Truckee for the preproduction of our new album. Here we are at Reno airport, just after they arrived. About every three weeks or so, John goes on about how he needs to move here.

First firewood delivery, back in 2014. “Do you need us to stack it?” they kindly asked. But I figured, how tough could it be to stack three cords of wood? #RookieMistake #NeverAgain

If you think I look dorky in the goggles and helmet, you should see me trying to ski down the mountain. Calling myself a “perpetual intermediate” is actually generous. #YardSale

Truckee firefighter Jerry Fowler wasn’t being rescued from a shelter. We became buddies at the gym and he was eager to see Tahoe from the sky. (No, it doesn’t take the bravery of a firefighter to fly with me.)

Many Dreamtown CrossFit members offered help during the gym’s construction. Owners Jason and Andrea Berger, and Jessica Barton, have done a great job adapting for safe outdoor workouts during the pandemic. Lots of wonderful people here.

Monkey Rock on my first ever hike there. I recall thinking when I first moved here that living in the Tahoe region felt like getting away with something. I still feel that way today. (Unless, you know, the snow plow is super late and I’m out of coffee.)