Balance, Ideas, Action

About David

David Diamond

I bought my home in Truckee’s Prosser Lakeview Estates neighborhood in 2014. I have been a full-time Truckee resident ever since.

Before retiring in 2017, I led international marketing and education teams in the field of Digital Asset Management for two decades. Currently, I fly volunteer rescue missions for Pilots N Paws and other organizations, and I play with my old band, Berlin. (Take My Breath Away, No More Words, Riding on the Metro, etc.)

I have served on our Airport Community Advisory Team (ACAT) since April, 2018. In 2019, my fellow ACAT members elected me Chair.

I have been a private pilot since 2000. I have a Cessna 182 hangared at the Truckee airport. I’m a big believer in our noise-abatement policies, which my flight track record shows.

I have authored three books: one about my flight training, and the others about digital content management.

As you might have guessed, I’m an animal guy. Saving a critter from a kill shelter, or flying her to a good home, is my favorite part about being a pilot.

5 Reasons to Vote for David

No Conflicts

I own a home in the Prosser Lakeview neighborhood of Truckee, and I rent a hangar from our airport. This is the extent of my business connections in our region. I am on no boards or councils, and I have no allegiances beyond our community and airport. This enables me to remain honest and neutral on topics, so I can collect and consider all the facts, without bias.

Record of Action

While serving on our Airport Community Advisory Team (ACAT), I have introduced multiple projects that have been approved and deployed; I have helped change finances so that tax dollars are no longer used by ACAT; and I have voted in ways I believe have been consistent and fair, for the community and our airport users.

Fiscal Fairness

Property taxes are not a gift to the airport; they are funds entrusted to us by folks in our region. The airport should spend the money it earns though fuel sales, hangar rentals and vendor leases, as it sees fit. But when it comes to spending tax dollars not required for operations, the long-term benefit of the entire Tahoe Truckee community must be the focus. 

Pilot Experience

Our Board will benefit from having another member who can speak to the “realness” of issues that affect pilots. Understanding what’s being asked, imagining what’s possible, and knowing what’s safe, will go a long way toward better Board decisions that are made without wasted time.

New Ideas

We need new ideas to solve old problems. We cannot afford to revert to a Board that is narrow minded and sees all topics from a single perspective. People fight when they run out of better ideas. I never run out of ideas–there is always a way forward. We just need to make sure we keep airport culture changing in the right direction.

Flying Animal Rescues

As a volunteer pilot for Pilots N Paws and other organizations, I’ve been able to help in the rescue and transport of some amazing animals. There’s no better use for my airplane (or my time), as far as I’m concerned.

Playing with Berlin

Berlin recorded our first album when I was 17 years old. Though Take My Breath Away from Top Gun was the band’s biggest hit, OG fans will remember Riding on the Metro, No More Words, Sex (I’m a) and a few others. 

The three original members of Berlin, Terri Nunn, John Crawford and me, still record and play today. 

Living Local

I’ve found it easy to make friends in Tahoe and Truckee. Dreamtown CrossFit has enabled me to meet some inspiring people, and even connected me to Achieve Tahoe for a volunteer weekend I’ll never forget. Through flying, I’ve been adopted by a wonderful family, made lots of airport pals, and lots of canine pals, too. I feel fortunate to be here.