Balance, Ideas, Action

My name is David Diamond. I’m running for the Truckee Tahoe Airport Board, not just as a private pilot, but as a community advocate who will bring aviation experience and fresh, actionable ideas to our board.

Endorsements from our community leaders include all five current Airport Board members—Rick Stephens, Mary Hetherington, Lisa Wallace, Teresa O’Dette and Kathryn Rohlf—along with Kathleen Eagan, Ron Parson, Perry Norris, Sarah Coolidge, Carmine and Joyce Bove, Ernie Grossman, Paco Lindsey, Theresa May Duggan and 200+ others.

Our airport must invest our tax dollars to benefit all of North Tahoe and Truckee. Wildfire fuels reduction, transportation—we have big regional challenges ahead. I will help our airport build and lead the multi-district partnerships we need to get things done.

We also have ways to reduce noise—anyone who says we’ve done all that we can has simply run out of ideas. I rarely run out of ideas, and I usually find ways to get things done.

Please trust me with your vote. Help me make our airport a better community partner for all of North Tahoe and Truckee.

Note: All content on this site was written by me, so you know I stand behind it. If you have ideas, or questions about my candidacy or my vision for our airport, please let me know.

About David

I’m a volunteer animal rescue pilot, co-founder of the band Berlin (Take My Breath Away / Top Gun), retired international marketing executive, Airport Community Advisory Team (ACAT) Chair, and full-time Truckee resident. I believe I offer the balanced perspectives, creative ideas and history of action that will help make the Truckee Tahoe Airport a better community partner for all of North Tahoe and Truckee.

Positions on Topics

As a pilot, I consider our airport among the best I’ve ever used–we have dedicated employees and lots of money to thank for that. But because so much of that money comes from the community, our airport must be a community benefactor and asset that everyone can appreciate, not just airport users. We have people in place who want this–please don’t believe otherwise. But we have some culture issues to overcome in order to get where we want to be.

Show Your Support

Will you host a yard sign at your Tahoe Truckee home or business?

If so, please email signs@diamond2020.com to arrange for delivery and setup. We’ll pick it up after the election, so there’s nothing for you to do!

No One Votes Alone

Those who think their votes don’t count are forgetting one thing: no one votes alone. When our votes are combined with the votes of a few million of our friends, those votes change everything.

This year’s protests remind us that a strong, collective voice can lead to change—in fact, it’s often the only thing that ever does.

Please register and vote this November, and remind family and friends who think their votes don’t count that no one votes alone.